A note about the Crash Landon web page:

This page was first composed in 1996. It was one of the first web sites that I ever made. At the time, the World Wide Web was relatively new and I wanted to learn how to make web pages. It wasn't my first site, but it was one of the first that was worth letting anyone else see.

At the time, most people, unless they had the good fortune to have access at work or some university, used dial-up modems to access the internet. As such, there was a lot of concern over bandwidth and image size. In an ill-advised attempt to reduce the size of these images, I ran them through some "optimizers" that severely reduced the resolution and made them look grainy.

At the time, I thought nothing of it. I probably had the original scans or access to the drawings. If I had them today, I'd surely re-scan them and improve the quality of those images. The comic strips from NCCC are probably available somwhere at the college, but haven't tried to get access to them.

Anyway, please accept my apologies for their low quality. The more recent ones are much better.